Meaning of unfreeze in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfriːz/

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verbpast tense unfroze/ʌnˈfrəʊz/ , past participle unfrozen/ʌnˈfrəʊz(ə)n/

  • 1Thaw or cause to thaw.

    no object ‘a chop was unfreezing in the kitchen’
    • ‘he borrowed a candle to unfreeze the lock’
    • ‘And, sure enough, during the course of the morning, the snow disappeared from the drive, the pond unfroze, and the birds came out to see what might be available in the way of winter snacks.’
    • ‘Try not to walk on frosty lawns or you will leave a trail of black footprints when the grass unfreezes.’
    • ‘It can be useful for unfreezing locks, or clearing iced-up windscreens.’
    • ‘I managed to unfreeze myself and hug him back, resting my head on his shoulder and breathing in the scent of his scarf.’
    melt, unfreeze, soften, liquefy, dissolve
  • 2with object Remove restrictions on the use or transfer of (an asset)

    ‘the 15 council members voted unanimously to unfreeze the airline's assets’
    • ‘If he is acquitted, the accused person's assets are unfrozen.’
    • ‘Luxembourg also went ahead and unfroze the assets of an organisation that the US government said was connected to them.’
    • ‘The 15 council members voted unanimously to allow Ariana to resume international flights, which were halted in October 1999, and to unfreeze the airline's assets.’
    • ‘She is calling on the State to unfreeze the assets of her family.’
    • ‘It was also agreed at yesterday's sitting that the budget would be unfrozen.’
    • ‘Essentially, the attitude appears to be that the accounts have been unfrozen, so what is Milne complaining about?’
    • ‘The offer entails paying off the tax debts in return for the unfreezing of Yukos assets and their subsequent purchase.’
    • ‘As a result of his investigations the US government was forced into a series of embarrassing retractions and had to unfreeze $24 million of assets.’
    • ‘It's been four hours since I spoke to somebody from Paypal, and there still has been no word about unfreezing the donation account.’
    • ‘The government, however, believed that Wang used the documents to try to unfreeze money being held in Swiss banks.’
    • ‘In yesterday's closed-door meeting of the defense committee, lawmakers with the committee reached agreement after several hours' discussion on unfreezing the two budgets.’
    • ‘He has unfrozen staff salaries, and senior managers are back driving new BMWs.’
    • ‘The accounts were only unfrozen after Milne went to the Herald Sun in mid-February.’
    • ‘If mortgage and other regular payments are made from that account they will not be paid, and it will need the agreement of both spouses to unfreeze an account.’
    • ‘She also ordered that their bank accounts be unfrozen and seized property returned.’
    • ‘In addition to that, most bank deposits were unfrozen in the last quarter of 2002.’