Meaning of unfruitfully in English:



See unfruitful

‘In the long run, folding your hand early rather than spending time unfruitfully is good advice.’
  • ‘Gloomy years of working in offices followed; all the time he was struggling, unfruitfully, to write.’
  • ‘Several attempts were unfruitfully made between the two World Wars to restore it.’
  • ‘The pace is uneven, building slowly in the first half as evidence is amassed unfruitfully, the two-voice structure allowing us to see what Lucy and Carmichael respectively miss.’
  • ‘Rossetti's ‘vain virtues’ are the virtues of the rain, falling unfruitfully.’



/ʌnˈfruːtfʊli/ /ʌnˈfruːtf(ə)li/