Meaning of unfurnished in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈfəːnɪʃt/

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  • 1(especially of a house or flat available for rent) without furniture.

    ‘an unfurnished apartment’
    • ‘So we rented an unfurnished apartment and shipped over all of our own furniture.’
    • ‘Houses would typically be rented unfurnished, and apartments furnished.’
    • ‘On one occasion parents had temporarily rented an unfurnished flat in the catchment area and had decorated only the front room in a bid to convince a visiting education officer the property was occupied.’
    • ‘For their part, landlords are put off by the fact that an unfurnished house is subject to much more wear and tear than a furnished one.’
    • ‘His job barely earned him a cent, which meant he was constantly struggling to pay the rent on his miniscule, unfurnished apartment.’
    • ‘The rental income on unfurnished houses is about 10 per cent less than on furnished houses.’
    • ‘She'd rented the apartment unfurnished; it was cheaper.’
    • ‘She didn't know what he was going to say when they got to his new unfurnished apartment.’
    • ‘The flat was empty and unfurnished between these dates.’
    • ‘She and her new flatmate, Jasper, were moving into a completely unfurnished flat, so they'd have nothing to sit on.’
    • ‘I have decided that it is best to let the flat unfurnished, so it's time to say goodbye to what has been a trusty friend for the last few years.’
    • ‘To be shown round a new unfurnished flat involves, in a sense, seeing nothing - seeing a place with nothing in it.’
    • ‘The house came unfurnished so one would think there must be less packing to do.’
    • ‘I seemed to be in an unfurnished, semi-renovated apartment.’
    • ‘We've put thousands of people now into apartments that were unfurnished just five or six days ago.’
    • ‘But apartments come unfurnished over here, so there's a spot of shopping to be done.’
    • ‘This accommodation is available under the Private Leasing Scheme and is a self-contained unfurnished property.’
    • ‘At present, landlords and homeowners are entitled to a 50 per cent Council Tax discount for properties which are unfurnished and classed as ‘long-term empty’.’
    • ‘One year after his imprisonment the two-storey home was still largely unfurnished.’
    • ‘One at a time, they or their families appear on screen in a stripped-down, minimal set that resembles nothing so much as an unfurnished prison cell.’
    empty, emptied, unfurnished, vacant, clear, cleared, free, stark, austere, spartan, unadorned, unembellished, unornamented, unfussy, plain
  • 2 archaic Not supplied.

    • ‘he is unfurnished with the ideas of justice’