Meaning of unfused in English:




  • Not fused or joined.

    ‘unfused vertebrae’
    • ‘fused and unfused chromosomes’
    • ‘Due to an unfused vertebra in his back, he was classified 1-Y, meaning he would only be called up in the event of a full-scale war or an emergency.’
    • ‘You took letters and an X-ray to your draft board because you had an unfused vertebra in your back, but then you went skiing the next year.’
    • ‘The flowers of the species are bisexual and protogynous, producing on average 13 unfused uniovulate carpels.’
    • ‘The advantages of back chipping are invaluable, as unfused or partially fused metal at the root of the joint can be removed to a depth where sound metal exists.’
    • ‘Even stranger, while the hindfeet have a cannon bone, the third and fourth metacarpals of the forefeet are either unfused or only partially fused.’
    • ‘Most living demosponges have skeletons of unfused spicules, although due to preservational effects, the fossil record of demosponges is mostly of fused forms.’
    • ‘The unfused interfrontal, coronal, and sagittal sutures are indicated in the skull of a wild-type littermate.’
    • ‘Excess unfused vesicles were removed by exchanging the solution in the cell with buffer solution several times after cooling the sample down to room temperature.’
    • ‘To rule out cell positioning as a possible cause of fusion failure, the researchers precisely analyzed the arrangements of unfused cells in mutant worms.’
    • ‘In an interview with the AP, Dean said he had known since he was in high school that he had an unfused vertebra, a condition called spondylolysis.’
    • ‘Asteroids are epifaunal, with a skeleton of comparatively small, unfused ossicles imbedded in a surface dermal layer.’
    • ‘All light elements like unfused hydrogen will have been lost during the red giant stage, but the principle is still the same.’
    • ‘We did not include unsexed adults and did not measure skull length of subadult individuals with unfused cranial sutures.’
    • ‘We calculated the energy change after stalk formation and expansion relative to the energy of a pair of unfused vesicles.’
    • ‘Grinding is not recommended since it tends to wander from the root of the joint and may also cover up an unfused root by smearing the metal.’
    • ‘The foot bones are unfused and all four toes of each foot are functional and support the body.’
    • ‘Also visible are round-shaped granules, likely the aggregates of unfused lipid vesicles remaining at the surface that could not be removed by washing during the preparation step.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the holotype also shows that only the first pair of sternites (posterior to the genital operculum) are unfused.’
    • ‘To eliminate unfused lipid vesicles, the internal contents of the assembly were then rinsed with approximately 10 internal volumes of the solution used to suspend the vesicles.’
    • ‘Other distinguishing characteristics of this group include a double blowhole, a symmetrical skull, right and left halves of the the lower jaw unfused, and a single osseus sternum.’