Meaning of ungainliness in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡeɪnlɪnəs/


See ungainly

‘How to explain why I find the clunking metaphor of the train charming in its ungainliness?’
  • ‘Her miniaturized right arm, with spindly thumb and splayed fingers, seems at once grotesque, vulnerable and oddly lovely; then again, her whole slightly rumpled posture conveys a mix of ungainliness and grace.’
  • ‘My point, here, is that our curricula our pedagogies might be energized by the unwieldiness, the ungainliness, of both our current and our earlier historical names, and by our necessary historical revisions of those names.’
  • ‘The details were riveting: Antoni's feet on the rope, her swaying body, the adjustments she made, her heightened mixture of ungainliness and grace.’
  • ‘How may the poem find a form for the ungainliness of life?’