Meaning of ungeared in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡɪəd/


  • 1(of a vehicle) not having gears or gearing.

    financially sound, able to pay one's debts, debt-free, not in debt, out of debt, in the black, in funds, in credit, creditworthy, of good financial standing, solid, secure, profit-making
  • 2(of a company or its balance sheet) having or showing no debt.

    ‘the balance sheet is almost ungeared’
    • ‘From managements' perspective, ungeared companies become potentially more vulnerable to predators.’
    • ‘The company's dividend has been restored and its ungeared balance sheet can comfortably support the investment needed to rebuild the brand and drive continued recovery.’
    • ‘The pressure on them to do a deal is intense given its ungeared balance sheet and the fact that the industry is ripe for consolidation.’
    • ‘In addition, its ungeared balance sheet means it is well placed to fund an expansion programme without recourse to shareholders for further capital.’
    • ‘Tachihi is one example of how investors in Japan have thrown out the baby with the bath water - shunning even highly-liquid, ungeared, and soundly-capitalised companies with good potential.’
    • ‘Investment trust shareholders should win out over a unit trust with a comparable portfolio of ungeared investments.’
    • ‘The Investment Property Databank measured total returns in the Irish commercial property market last year at 12.7 per cent - though its measurements only deal with ungeared property portfolios.’
    • ‘The progress in the past three years from a highly leveraged group to one that is almost ungeared has been achieved largely by the disposal of assets.’
    • ‘The French phone company, like its UK rival BT, is now labouring under a mountain of debt while Vodafone is relatively ungeared.’
    • ‘For example, GE Money might be a huge money machine but it uses the parent company's ungeared industrial assets to grow its business.’