Meaning of ungenerously in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈdʒən(ə)rəsli/


See ungenerous

‘The past moments were so overwhelming, I look at people through the glass walls of the South Bank and ungenerously, even stupidly, wonder: what are you doing there?’
  • ‘To frame the matter ungenerously but with real precision, the question came down to whether you fight back against the terrorists by striking back at the terrorists or at someone else.’
  • ‘I was told it was a tradition to share your first wages with other members of one's family - something I ungenerously chose to ignore!’
  • ‘As long as partners interpret one another in strongly negative terms, thereby acting ungenerously, there is little hope for effective communication.’
  • ‘Maybe it's because they're not landing on our shores and threatening our way of life - which is how many Europeans, ungenerously, tend to see things.’