Meaning of ungenerousness in English:



See ungenerous

‘Thus it is that a great deal of ungenerousness enters into the arguments of the pious Christians when they pass their imperfect opinion.’
  • ‘Maybe it is the ‘of course’ that really rankles here - in the way that it punctuates the ungenerousness in what Mr. Norman so confidently tosses off.’
  • ‘Based on this account, Waldman's jealousy and ungenerousness have apparently caused her to project her worst feelings and impulses onto her mother-in-law with little foundation.’
  • ‘He was masterful and imaginative, but his masterfulness tended to ungenerousness and his imagination to vagary and mischievous exaggeration.’
  • ‘Immediately after we were introduced I began screaming at her, scolding her for unprofessional behavior, indifference, ungenerousness.’