Meaning of ungifted in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡɪftɪd/


  • Not having any exceptional talents.

    ‘a shy, dreamy, ungifted kid’
    • ‘That such an obviously ungifted person was capable of so imaginative a conceptual leap remains a marvel to me.’
    • ‘But what about the days you feel like the most ungifted human on the planet?’
    • ‘The perpetuation of this pleasant, comfortable life, therefore, becomes the goal for which writers - gifted and ungifted - are willing to be a producer's ‘lead pencil.’’
    • ‘Sports physiologists address such questions as: What distinguishes a sprinter from a marathon runner - and each from the ungifted struggler?’
    • ‘Though not ungifted, he lacks his sleek looks, tart delivery, stylish wit, and Englishness.’
    • ‘But hey, somebody has to write the songs for those poor, ungifted singers who can't write.’
    • ‘He probably wouldn't be able to heal it with his own ungifted magic.’