Meaning of ungloved in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡlʌvd/


  • Not wearing a glove or gloves.

    ‘her ungloved hands’
    • ‘On his left hand, he word a russet-colored glove as his other hand, ungloved, carried a soft-sided briefcase.’
    • ‘The TV programme shows instances of even more unhygienic behaviour such as workers routinely eating straight from the production line and dipping their ungloved fingers into vats of cooked food.’
    • ‘He dragged a boot toe through the earth covering the fire, then thrust his ungloved hand into the ashes, grunted, and rose once more.’
    • ‘‘Because everything seems so much brighter,’ he explained and lifted a hand to her cheek, stroking it softly with his ungloved hand.’
    • ‘Shivering because of how much colder it has become since I was out here late this morning, I minutely rub my ungloved hands together to warm them then head for the sidewalk to start on my way home.’
    • ‘Low-slung gray clouds sprinkled quarter-sized snowflakes in the still-brown winter woods and a sharp north wind bit at ears and ungloved hands.’
    • ‘It seemed, at first, as though the walk down the aisle would never end, but all too soon she was placing her small ungloved hands into Logan's large callused pair.’
    • ‘One hand, ungloved, circled the glass thoughtlessly.’
    • ‘Irritably, she brushed them away with an ungloved hand.’
    • ‘His ungloved fingers undid the knot quickly and easily.’
    • ‘He didn't realise there were two of them at first, until he felt another pair of hands, larger, heavier and ungloved, pressing on his shoulders, pinning him to the ground.’
    • ‘His ungloved fingers traced slowly along his bare upper arms.’
    • ‘A pair of ungloved hands, so pure and delicate that they seemed formed of the snow blanketing the forest, reached out from beneath the cloak.’
    • ‘Her imaginary gentleman caller bowed gracefully and dropped the lightest and most proper of kisses on her ungloved hand.’
    • ‘The boy scowled and rubbed his cheek with an ungloved hand, sitting up again in an effort to avoid any other accidental slip of limbs.’
    • ‘The frost and cold froze quickly his ungloved hands on each stroke.’
    • ‘Next to me a small elderly woman held my ungloved hand in her own.’
    • ‘She trailed off as she turned around and saw the unmasked, ungloved girl standing in front of the door, a spray can in her hand.’
    • ‘Many fish respond passively to a human hand, preferably ungloved, and it proved a simple task to shepherd the boarfish gently from its refuge.’
    • ‘Dimas reached down to the table and grasped the cube in his own, ungloved hands.’