Meaning of ungraceful in English:


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  • Lacking grace; clumsy.

    ‘an ungraceful swimmer’
    • ‘The final hymn ‘All For Jesus’ was sung with Lara desperately trying to hide in her book to escape Mr Yorke's glares, appearing clumsy and ungraceful.’
    • ‘That most people walk in an ungraceful, ungainly and awkward manner with a forward inclination of the body does not mean that it is the normal way of walking.’
    • ‘Dereth felt clumsy and ungraceful next to the two companions, as though they belonged to an exclusive club that he could never join.’
    • ‘In its movement it is awkward and ungraceful, though swift and savage as a pike.’
    • ‘This girl wasn't as stupid and ungraceful as he had thought.’
    • ‘The most concrete observation I have of my ungraceful exit was the sign on the gatepost forbidding the imbibing of alcoholic beverages in the park by penalty of five hundred pounds.’
    • ‘There are two cocker spaniels in the back, and a young woman with a most ungraceful air.’
    • ‘It is impossible to escape the notion that the club is teetering on a ledge of uncertainty, a long, ungraceful fall on one side, a firm, solid footing on the other.’
    • ‘It would be rather ungraceful of me to criticise Mr Blair for this - not everything can take priority all of the time, as he is constantly reminding us.’
    • ‘He is a peculiarly ungraceful taker of the ball and too often does not gather it clearly.’
    • ‘He was incapable of an ungraceful movement and he lives in the hearts of all Hibs fans.’
    • ‘The adorable couple next to me and their equally adorable daughter looked disconcerted at my ungraceful maneuvering around their seats.’
    • ‘‘There is nothing wrong with being in the mortal realm, brother,’ hissed Leara as she sat down in her seat in a most ungraceful manner.’
    • ‘The clunky, ungraceful writing is mostly to blame for this.’
    • ‘He could bring grace and dignity to his work even when he was playing ungraceful, undignified people.’
    • ‘Had they had a wad of gum in their mouths, they would have been chewing it in an ungraceful, cowlike fashion.’
    • ‘I staggered across the tiles in ungraceful fashion, handbag swinging as I swore.’
    • ‘Then there was me, a tall, chestnut haired, grey eyed, and very ungraceful woman with a low and intelligent voice wearing a plain, but practical, dress.’
    • ‘I was ungraceful and most likely, a bit repulsive.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, their animations are ungraceful as well.’
    bungling, awkward, inept, clumsy, bumbling, incompetent, unskilful, heavy-handed, ungainly, inelegant, inexpert, graceless, ungraceful, gauche, unhandy, uncoordinated, gawky, cloddish, clodhopping, flat-footed, lumbering



/ʌnˈɡreɪsfʊl/ /ʌnˈɡreɪsf(ə)l/