Meaning of ungracefully in English:



See ungraceful

‘Out of the window, I could see Jonah jogging ungracefully towards our block, all elbows and knees in a tragically unhip white vest, and I realised I'd had a lucky escape.’
  • ‘And then playfully he shunts me with his shoulder, making me step ungracefully into the wall so that even the waiter standing aside holding a stack of dirty plates has to suppress a smile.’
  • ‘Dragging myself ungracefully to my feet, I froze again, listening for any noise, waiting for anyone to come and check what the commotion was about.’
  • ‘Sera sighed and sat ungracefully onto the stool.’
  • ‘Flopping ungracefully out of the tub, he paddled to shore.’



/ʌnˈɡreɪsfʊli/ /ʌnˈɡreɪsf(ə)li/