Meaning of ungrave in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡreɪv/


[with object] literary, rare
  • Remove (a corpse) from a grave; disinter.

    ‘he was ungraved, his bones burnt and the ashes cast into the river’
    • ‘No one can forget the eloquent words of Fuller, after describing the ungraving of the Vicar of Lutterworth, the burning of the bones, and throwing the ashes into the Swift, the little stream hard by.’
    • ‘The beast who ungraves dead men's bodies and eats them.’
    • ‘Though they ungraved his body destructed by the earth, though they burned his remains in the flames of the fire, they could but destroy the body and bodily remains of Wycklif.’
    • ‘Wickliffe had some cause to give them thanks, that they would give him so long respite after his death, forty-one years to rest in his sepulchre before they ungraved him.’
    • ‘Sound a fresh alarm, and let the martial din ungrave the dead.’
    exhume, unearth, dig up, bring out of the ground, bring to the surface