Meaning of unguided in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɡʌɪdɪd/


  • 1Not guided in a particular path or direction.

    ‘justice in developed countries is not left to the unguided sage’
    • ‘These Web sites need to support both guided and unguided exploration.’
    • ‘At the same time it conflicts with theistic beliefs that many parents seek to instill in their children that life results from guided, rather than unguided change.’
    • ‘He relies upon personal interest to accomplish his ends and gives free scope to the unguided strength and common sense of the people.’
    • ‘Instead, Kennan diplomatically absorbed, without mentioning, that instance of cutthroat competition in his reference to free-enterprise, unguided by federal policy.’
    • ‘The yearly Everest expeditions offered by Adventure Peaks are unguided, with Mr Pritt acting as expedition leader to advise on weather, co-ordinate the Sherpas and get everything into place for clients to summit.’
    • ‘It isn't pretty - but it isn't surprising, either, when such important decisions are left to the unguided and unreviewed discretion of government officials.’
    • ‘This is the heart of my main criticism of Dawkins and every other materialist who believes that we are the products of unguided evolutionary processes: you can't get here from there.’
    • ‘While hauling your gear and food from hut to hut, you'll be learning to negotiate crevasses, ice falls, and high cols - skills you'll need for future, unguided trips.’
    • ‘Punitive damages may have little statutory guidance, but juries are similarly unguided when they calculate pain and suffering damages, which are compensatory.’
    • ‘Thus, if people oppose guided voting, they might want to oppose home Internet voting proposals, too, even if they might otherwise like the idea of unguided home voting.’
    • ‘They are largely unguided by spiritual mentors (the Church of England) or temporal ones (the trade unions of old perhaps).’
    • ‘That is not an excuse for leaving the forces unguided.’
    • ‘We know that the highest act of creation is to create new emotions, superior to those that, unguided, have fallen to us from Nature.’
    • ‘You ride unguided, but notes are provided on all the routes.’
    • ‘They have created a perception of the euro as a weak, unguided currency.’
    • ‘I don't have the faith to believe it all came about by blind, unintelligent, unguided chance.’
    • ‘Without monitoring scan behavior during unguided flight, there is no way to make sure any learning has occurred.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the forces exerted on them upon ignition deform and damage the bullet so that all that happens when the bullet exits the barrel is unguided travel.’
    • ‘One must work under the principles of the new worldview before it ‘clicks’ and becomes a part of us, and this takes time and effort, two things many unguided novices fail to see.’
    • ‘Dawkins' evolutionary model relies on random mutations in single nucleotides during DNA replication, totally unguided, followed by selection of the fittest by the environment.’
    1. 1.1(of a missile) not directed by remote control or internal equipment.
      ‘a salvo of 128 mm unguided rockets’
      • ‘The helicopter can be armed with a mixture of air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles, unguided rockets, and podded guns.’
      • ‘Bullets and unguided missiles slammed into the adamant wall, rocking it and chipping the façade, yet it held against the onslaught.’
      • ‘At the present time, there are also maneuvers involving precision weapons (guided and unguided missile systems).’
      • ‘Only later was it revealed that the vast majority of the bombs were unguided missiles and that thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children were killed.’
      • ‘This seems like a bad idea, since unguided missiles will kill far more Iraqis than guided ones.’
      • ‘Targets can be engaged with either the 30 mm turreted gun, 70 mm unguided rockets, or laser-guided Hellfire missiles.’
      • ‘It was impossible to lock a missile onto a person, so all the Cobras could do was wait until a missile was fired, track the source of the missile, and pepper the area with unguided rockets.’
      • ‘It was an unguided ballistic missile and the forerunner of today's intercontinental ballistic missiles and tactical ballistic missiles (the Scud is a direct descendent).’
      • ‘A firing test program using unguided rockets is planned to start by the end of 2004, followed by tests using guided rockets.’
      • ‘Mortars have too little range and versatility, unguided rockets too little inherent accuracy to bring fires in close to friendly troops.’
      • ‘What we're looking at here is not the same kind of unguided rocket system we used before.’
      • ‘Its offensive capability lies in launching unguided rockets, which detonate upon impact with artillery-like splash damage.’
      • ‘Naturally, electronic countermeasures will offer no effective protection against unguided threats like rocket-propelled grenades.’
      • ‘First of all, missiles are divided into three classes: unguided, semi-active and active.’
      • ‘The majority of the weapons are unguided in nature, and do not impact instantaneously on their targets immediately after firing.’
      • ‘These are unguided weapons, and given the weight of the system, they constitute less of a threat than do mortars.’
      • ‘In Afghanistan, less than 10% of weapons dropped were unguided.’
      • ‘There are five types of missiles, including air to air and air to ground, light and heavy, guided and unguided.’
      • ‘The self-defense system ensures protection from guided and unguided weapons of the enemy's fighters attacking the aircraft from its front and rear hemispheres.’