Meaning of unguled in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʌŋɡjuːld/


  • (of an animal) having hoofs of a specified different tincture.

    ‘The blazon of the 1985 grant of new arms read, ‘Azure, a stag trippant argent attired and unguled, gorged with a ducal coronet and chained between the legs or’.’
    • ‘A Boar Azure armed and unguled Or langued Gules and gorged with a Coronet composed of crosses formy and fleurs-de-lys attached thereto a Chain reflexed over the back and ending in a ring all Or.’
    • ‘On a wreath Argent and Gules, a demi-unicorn erased Sable armed, crined and unguled Or, langued Azure and collared gobony Or and Gules with a chain Or.’
    • ‘On the dexter side a New Forest pony proper and on the sinister side a boar argent armed crined and unguled Or each charged on the shoulder with a spring of broom palewise flowered proper.’
    • ‘STRACHAN - Azure a stag trippant or, attired and unguled gules.’