Meaning of unhackneyed in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhakniːd/


  • Not appearing trite or commonplace through being overused; original.

    ‘the fresh unhackneyed sentiment of the picture’
    • ‘Here is music as beautiful, as intensely dramatic, as unhackneyed as the day it was written.’
    • ‘It has a certain film music air to it and would make an unhackneyed filler for the next new collection of British orchestral marches.’
    • ‘Here I follow Lawrence Lipking's spirited and unhackneyed essay in resisting any clear or settled message.’
    • ‘In every case, Mozart was sharper, unhackneyed, and always threw in a little surprise.’
    • ‘The program contains enough that is unhackneyed to satisfy more selective collectors.’
    • ‘His choral writing has a traditional yet unhackneyed eloquence that keeps bringing one back to what is being said.’
    • ‘Both movies find fresh, unhackneyed historical footage.’
    • ‘Together they constitute an unhackneyed commentary on a creative force who contrived to remain both forbidding and inescapable.’
    novel, fresh, original, unhackneyed, imaginative, creative, experimental, new-fashioned, contemporary, modernist, up to date