Meaning of unhandsome in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhans(ə)m/


often with negative
  • Not handsome.

    ‘Bobby was not unhandsome in his uniform’
    • ‘But then it was unhandsome of them to have made so little of the generous handshakes of the Canadian four who were taking their defeat by eight-hundredths of a second rather better than the British took their victory.’
    • ‘We soon came across the source of this noise - a young man, not unhandsome and with a beautiful tenor voice, was dancing and singing in the shallows of the river.’
    • ‘‘Well, friend,’ he said in mock friendliness, ‘Your shape is not unhandsome for the pursuit of women, which is the purpose of your presence here no doubt.’’
    • ‘All that stayed with me after Keane was an unhappy impression of all-abiding tonal uniformity in the hush-tone vespers of dialogues, unhandsome, shallow mise-en-scène, and rigidly adhered-to aesthetic tenets.’
    • ‘Paul, my mentor, as he was called, was a tall, not unhandsome, boy from the year above me, whose wealthy parents had made their fortunes from the egg retail industry.’
    • ‘He is pasty, overweight and, well, actually he's not really unhandsome.’
    • ‘Under the hat his face was the same: unhandsome without being ugly, rounded without being fat, kindly without showing any signs of weakness.’
    • ‘His face, what I could see of it around the booster, was heavy featured, but not unhandsome with all the black stripes and swirls over his golden fur.’
    • ‘It was not an unhandsome face, though generally the expression it wore was one of good-humored dissatisfaction with life in general.’
    • ‘He looked a little older than me, and he wasn't unhandsome, and his features avoided the banal good looks Rochelle picked for all of her own boy toys.’
    • ‘His hair stood up in some patches and on the whole he was just unhandsome.’
    • ‘The sorcerer, too, was not unhandsome, but he was spectacular in that every inch of him glowed of power and skill.’
    • ‘Carrick stared at the wizard, face softening, and for a fleeting moment, he was not unhandsome.’
    • ‘After we see the girls waste an unfortunately unhandsome fellow, the tone of the movie changes.’
    • ‘She noted with slight satisfaction that he was not at all unhandsome, which was all the better to her.’