Meaning of unharmonious in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnhɑːˈməʊnɪəs/


  • Not harmonious.

    ‘the unharmonious noise of town life’
    • ‘It has recently been pointed out that music in traditional rites can be divided into harmonious and unharmonious.’
    • ‘It was such a strange transformation from total unharmonious discord to this really quite happening groove.’
    • ‘The heritage experts described the contemporary building - which the developers have called The Wave - as an ‘undistinguished, unharmonious and overbearing addition to the street scene’.’
    • ‘Cities have their own, distinctly unharmonious giving league, which recently featured an exchange of insults between rival bidders for the Olympics.’
    • ‘It can trace its roots back to 1854, but an unharmonious dispute has blown up over how a band which has been enshrined in local culture for so long seems to have moved over the border.’
    • ‘The noises were jarring and even more unharmonious.’
    • ‘The runner-up was an unharmonious hybrid of green shirt, white shorts and yellow socks.’
    • ‘Amongst all that white, in a striking unharmonious sight, the only black slab was the one which marked the tomb I had come to revisit that day.’
    • ‘In addition, the mixing is second-rate and unharmonious in places.’
    • ‘The blogosphere is no more unharmonious than the world in which we live.’
    • ‘This, to some extent, caused the unharmonious development of this area at the end of the 20th century.’
    • ‘Soon you will start to incorporate it into your behaviour, so that when you start to feel angry/irrational/uncomposed you will notice your breathing is unharmonious and direct your attention away from whatever has unhinged you.’
    • ‘Even when the group ditched its unharmonious guitar-driven sound and began experimenting with offbeat electronica for its second album Revenge of the Taike in 1998 audiences still came in their droves to see the insane show.’
    • ‘‘If the needle is to the left, then you might live an unbalanced or unharmonious life,’ the screen stated nonchalantly.’
    • ‘Her still lifes, which involve random and often visually unharmonious elements, are nonetheless conscientiously and fastidiously made.’
    • ‘Upon hearing Nistual's unharmonious mistake, many of his rangers had taken to the trees in hopes of finding cover amongst their shady branches.’
    • ‘On a day like this one, there usually wasn't much one could do but accept the generally inconvenient and unharmonious nature of things.’
    • ‘The often unharmonious L.A. streetscape makes a perfect laboratory for evaluating this missive.’
    • ‘And one year later they are living together in unharmonious unmarried bliss.’
    • ‘The sounds of his feet began to be unharmonious, as if it wasn't only him walking.’
    grating, jarring, grinding, rasping, raspy, strident, raucous, brassy, jangling, metallic, ear-piercing, discordant, dissonant, disagreeable, unharmonious, cacophonous, unmelodious