Meaning of unhatched in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhatʃt/

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  • (of an egg or young bird) not yet hatched.

    ‘the nests contained birds keeping their unhatched eggs warm’
    • ‘Hopefully, they too could become the subject of a cull to destroy adult birds and their unhatched eggs.’
    • ‘Scores of rare adult birds, fledglings and unhatched chicks are feared to have died when fire - which is being treated as suspicious - swept through reedbeds yesterday.’
    • ‘The hatch rank of unhatched eggs was deduced from their volume, and the ranks of successfully hatched young were adjusted accordingly.’
    • ‘The first one we went to we couldn't check because the forestry people were there so we went to the second one and there was three young in the nest and one unhatched egg.’
    • ‘DNA isolated from embryos of a few unhatched eggs was also used.’
    • ‘We were able to obtain DNA from all eggs that were laid except one unhatched egg without visible embryonic development.’
    • ‘Following the same treatment as above, sets of hosts were examined for the number of eggs, unhatched eggs, and young, yellow pupae.’
    • ‘If the first-laid eggs begin to hatch days before the last-laid eggs, remaining unhatched eggs will be incubated far less frequently and efficiently, because the female will be off the nest foraging for the already-hatched young.’
    • ‘After further incubation of the plates at 20° for 18 hr (to allow all viable eggs to hatch) the plates were scored for unhatched eggs.’
    • ‘Hatch rates were calculated by counting the number of unhatched eggs after 2 days and treatments were statistically compared by Mann-Whitney U-test.’
    • ‘Both in the description of her dead children and in her charms, images of procreation are inverted: dried beans and seeds, the dried entrails of a rat, an unhatched egg with a chick inside, and a poisonous snake left to rot and dry in the sun.’
    • ‘The Norwegian government wants to start puncturing the unhatched eggs of Canadian and grey geese to control the geese population.’
    • ‘The unhatched eggs, which are called nits, are a yellow-white colour and are often mistaken for flakes of dry skin or dandruff.’
    • ‘All along the beach feral dogs have raided turtle nests and eaten the unhatched eggs.’
    • ‘Additionally, we examined unhatched eggs for evidence of embryo development, and, if present, collected tissue samples.’
    • ‘For fertile eggs that have hatched, only the outer shell of the chorion remains, while unhatched eggs appear full with the embryo still inside the chorion.’
    • ‘Neither of the two unhatched eggs that were recovered contained an embryo.’
    • ‘The proportion of unhatched eggs in matings with infected males was 19.8% greater than matings with uninfected males.’
    • ‘However, because offspring were sexed from plumage characteristics at sexual maturity, the sex of unhatched eggs and dead chicks was not known.’
    • ‘The numbers of hatched eggs (empty eggshells) and unhatched eggs were then counted under a dissecting microscope to determine the frequency of hatched eggs among all eggs laid.’
    fetal, unborn, unhatched