Meaning of unhearing in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhɪərɪŋ/


  • Not hearing or listening; deaf.

    ‘the war story is spoken into unhearing ears’
    • ‘My voice gains strength as I lean in and whisper threatening words in his unhearing ear.’
    • ‘Call me a pedantic, stubborn, value for money freak, but don't call me unhearing.’
    • ‘The youth swore he would take care of his friend, but the Tall Soldier continued to plead with him unhearing.’
    • ‘I stood in the doorway, unseeing, unhearing, unbelieving.’
    • ‘Over all those years she kept insisting - largely to an unhearing school administration - that the children who were sent to her didn't have reading problems.’
    • ‘The man rose, unhearing, and fixed us with dark, bright eyes.’
    • ‘To my unhearing ears their blurred voices were as misty as the smoke.’
    • ‘The old man's overcoat stirs in the dark, as though about to cup a hand once more to an unhearing ear, to wink an amiable eye and disappear serenely.’
    • ‘The cries of India are given to seas and winds, to be blown about, in every breaking up of the monsoon, over a remote and unhearing ocean.’
    • ‘He has said that he modeled the impersonal and unstoppable Daleks after the Nazis, seeing them as embodying "the unhearing, unthinking, blanked-out face of authority that will destroy you because it wants to destroy you."’
    hard of hearing, hearing-impaired, with impaired hearing, unhearing, stone deaf, deafened, profoundly deaf