Meaning of unhedged in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhɛdʒd/


  • 1Not bounded by a hedge.

    • ‘an unhedged field’
  • 2(of an investment or investor) not protected against loss by balancing or compensating contracts or transactions.

    ‘the bank collapsed due to unhedged trading’
    • ‘When the market has both, you invest broadly and unhedged.’
    • ‘With their well experienced managers, one or more of the 5 unhedged funds may surprise with some unexpected bear market gains.’
    • ‘This borrowing by financial and non-financial entities was largely unhedged and short-term leaving them highly vulnerable to exchange rate and maturity mismatch risks.’
    • ‘Indeed, in late January the corporation announced an operating profit in its 2001 fourth quarter, excluding the impact of unhedged currency and restructuring charges.’
    • ‘While there is a sense in which all demand for financial assets are contingent on their expected performance, this is especially true of geared and unhedged derivatives positions.’
    • ‘The ‘constructive’ market position is favourable to short term unhedged long positions.’
    • ‘The addition of noninvestment-grade bonds and unhedged currency in the PTRAX will likely increase its volatility, while higher turnover will also increase its trading costs when compared to VBMFX.’
    • ‘You might decide, for example, if you have €5 million of borrowings that you want to hedge the interest cost on half that amount, but are happy to leave the interest expense for the next 18 months unhedged.’
    • ‘But even the so-called unhedged companies are falling over themselves to produce and sell all the gold the traffic can bear, cheered on by a crowd of dividend-hungry shareholders.’
    • ‘Of course it will always have an advantage over any unhedged fund and will remain a valuable fund to hold in your portfolio if it has some downside protection from short funds.’
    • ‘Investors wishing to become goldbugs should concentrate on unhedged mining companies in the global top 12.’
    • ‘Our approach is to leave our base unhedged, but to use hedges on acquisitions to build the company.’
    • ‘Second, at rollover dates, the hedger will roll forward to the next contract month by simultaneously closing the positions on all contracts and opening new positions on the remaining unhedged long-term production.’
    • ‘The Reserve Bank of India has warned corporates that maintaining unhedged foreign currency commitments could severely impact their finances if conditions in the currency markets were to change.’
    • ‘What the U.S. bubble economy needs, then, is for even more speculators to take even larger unhedged positions in the bond market financed with borrowed yen.’
    • ‘Its position is in sharp contrast to that at many US airlines which are unhedged, exposing them to the price of oil.’
    • ‘The perfect scenario for an Australian miner exporting would have been to sit back unhedged and watch the dollar plunge below US50c around the time of the Sydney Olympics.’
    • ‘To take a conscious decision to leave the currency risk unhedged is one thing, but to do nothing and then complain when things go wrong is disingenuous.’
    • ‘The sterling currency risk on the shares is effectively hedged by the underlying unhedged, euro-denominated assets in the trust.’
    • ‘In April 2003, the RBI had warned exporters about their unhedged exposures but the exporters did not pay much heed to the apex bank's warnings.’