Meaning of unheimlich in English:


Pronunciation /ʊnˈhʌɪmlɪx/


  • Uncanny; weird.

    ‘the whole thing is, as the Germans say, unheimlich’
    • ‘Freud's believed that what we find the most eerie or scary originates not from the exotic or foreign, but from what was originally familiar then repressed and subsequently remanifested in an uncanny / unheimlich guise.’
    • ‘This holds such an uncanny familiarity, or unheimlich recognition (to get into the spirit of things), they could have been reading the Flea's diary.’
    • ‘A psychoanalytic reading suggests that horror movies play on our individual nightmares, and specifically our fear of death and dissolution, which Freud called unheimlich or uncanny.’
    • ‘Ordinary building suggests heimlichheit, which in turn implies that monuments might be unheimlich, or uncanny: the disturbing or worrying are themselves among the qualities which might be considered monumental.’
    • ‘These combinations are designed to be disturbing, to make the familiar strange or unheimlich: un-homely or uncanny.’