Meaning of unhelpfully in English:



See unhelpful

‘The fee has brought its own pressure to bear on a quiet young man already - perhaps unhelpfully - described as a superstar by his international manager.’
  • ‘He's pulled to his feet and stands vacantly and unhelpfully behind the coffin as it seesaws up the steps, carried by the royal family, in a confusion of priests and cameramen.’
  • ‘Faulkner, on the other hand, was unhelpfully obscure.’
  • ‘It is, as a friend unhelpfully told me when I was about to direct it, ‘so good not even a director could mess it up’.’
  • ‘The Minnesota Statute providing for vacancies in Senate seats unhelpfully defines ‘vacancy’ to mean ‘vacancy.’’



/ʌnˈhɛlpfʊli/ /ʌnˈhɛlpf(ə)li/