Meaning of unhidden in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhɪd(ə)n/


  • Not concealed or kept out of sight; obvious.

    ‘his dismay at all this is unhidden’
    • ‘Some people prefer to let their hair loss run its course untreated and unhidden.’
    • ‘Jessica raised her eyebrows at the unhidden sibling rivalry.’
    • ‘You also have to make sure the task bar is unhidden in order to bring up the on-screen keyboard.’
    • ‘This unhidden agenda of party politics poisons local government.’
    • ‘It makes sense to live a bit more balanced life (or else the hidden health issues will become unhidden in short order).’
    • ‘The party's position is freely stated in the party's platform, unhidden and available for one and all to peruse.’
    • ‘It's the comments on this article that really got my goat, full of unhidden racism and blatant stupidity.’
    • ‘Maybe the settings bar should have been unhidden by default.’
    • ‘Big screen or small screen, I really love them all with unhidden, undissimulated passion.’
    • ‘Unlike Angkor, the temples in Bagan are unhidden in thick jungles and can be seen rising out of a vast and treeless plain.’