Meaning of unholster in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhɒlstə/


[with object]
  • Remove (a gun) from a holster.

    ‘Stepping out of the vehicle, he unholstered his gun discreetly and started walking towards the restaurant.’
    • ‘I start to unholster my gun, before realizing I'm still out of ammunition.’
    • ‘In many cases the person under threat does not have enough time or distance to unholster their firearm, point it and fire let alone aim for the legs or arms.’
    • ‘Tossing the guns aside, he unholstered his pistol, waiting for the next person to just show his face.’
    • ‘Everyone unholstered the pistols they were given and took aim while spreading out.’
    • ‘The young man managed to unholster his shotgun and fire two shots.’
    • ‘The editorial page of the paper today faulted everyone - the protesters for breaching the barricades, and the police for unholstering their teargas with brio.’
    • ‘Police unholstered the newest weapon in their arsenal last week, announcing that the SWAT team will now own three Tasers: a pistol that fires darts on wires, carrying a temporarily debilitating electric shock.’
    • ‘I was locked in an outdoor cage, and the gate officer unholstered his walkie-talkie.’
    • ‘Not like him to miss the chance of unholstering his weapon with my approval for a change.’
    • ‘James unholstered a 9mm, cocking it, letting the bullets slide easily into the cleaned chamber.’
    • ‘He unholstered his SOCOM pistol and raised the weapon in one fluid motion before proceeding through the open door.’
    • ‘As an afterthought that killer might yet lurk near, I unholstered the .44 and fisted it like a tomahawk.’
    • ‘The former leader of the Royal Flush charged at full speed and unholstered the duel pistols he gathered from the guards.’
    • ‘Once it had finished, Jenos unholstered the grappler gun he had been given.’
    • ‘A second later, he shoved it back in his tool belt, then unholstered a pair of nail guns.’
    • ‘Twenty feet away from him, she unholstered her sidearm and brought it up in a two handed grip.’
    • ‘Anyway, he asked me some sort of question that required me to unholster my PDA and desperately mine its memory card for a lucid response.’
    • ‘For example, experiments have shown that, starting from several yards away, a man can often reach and lay his hands on another man carrying a holstered pistol before the latter can unholster and aim at his opponent.’
    • ‘At the sound of shouting, war hoops, and shooting they ran for the cover of walls, many unholstering sixguns as they ran.’