Meaning of unhuman in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈhjuːmən/


  • Not resembling or having the qualities of a human being.

    ‘he turned around to look at them all with his unhuman eyes’
    • ‘at the scent of unhuman blood the horse shied’
    • ‘Dixon's capacity for work seemed positively unhuman to Watt: ‘He prepares a case and argues it extremely well, whatever his particular personal views.’’
    • ‘I've often argued that artificial intelligence is best when it remains slightly unhuman and slightly alien, because that's when it most contributes to our lives.’
    • ‘The passage of time makes these men seem unhuman.’
    • ‘There is something unhuman about the despair of such minimal techno and at the same time something completely at the limit of our rationality, at the touch of our animality and at what makes us the human animal.’
    • ‘I know I am something unhuman, something supernatural.’
    • ‘The piano is equipped with a disklavier, a computer system which can ‘play’ the piano normally or with quite unhuman abilities.’
    • ‘She whispered to me, her voice almost unhuman, lulling.’
    • ‘The very human frontal face of the bellows worker, for instance, is contradicted by the unhuman frontal masks hanging on the wall of the foundry.’
    • ‘With unhuman speed, he got out of the community unnoticed.’
    • ‘In fact, he's the most unhuman person I've ever met: he had the presence of a deity descended from a cloud.’
    • ‘He was cut off by a frightening noise: an unhuman, ear-shattering scream of terror and pain.’
    • ‘I don't think that he really knew that he was pulling me along at an unhuman speed.’
    • ‘Like lots of people said it was unhuman for Jordan to yell at the manager in the restaurant like that.’
    • ‘There was something distinctly unhuman about the man who had just walked through that door, of that she had been certain.’
    • ‘She blinked at me and yawned in a very unhuman way that bared her sharp teeth.’