Meaning of uni in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːni/

nounplural noun unis

  • University.

    • ‘he planned to go to uni’
    • ‘Once UCAS receives your application, you'll be sent an application number (which you'll need to quote if you get in touch with UCAS or any of your chosen unis or colleges), and confirmation of the courses you've applied for.’
    • ‘In return for their patience, unis will increase fees to close out the low income families securing the institutions kudos and academic standing.’
    • ‘I used to do contract work with unis and I did senior writing practice at University of Western Sydney for a while.’
    • ‘Police say two scoundrels have targeted Southwark unis and colleges, claiming to have a laptop or other mouth-watering piece of kit for sale at a knock-down price.’
    • ‘Students at private unis can also access such loans.’
    • ‘‘There are enough receptive Aussies in schools and unis to make the exercise worth its while,’ it said.’
    • ‘How much money for schools, unis and health benefits could be increased?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I'm going to be missing loads of Thursday from school to visit all these unis - and Thursday is my only day with full lessons, so I'll end up missing out on work from 4 subjects every time I go somewhere.’
    • ‘I don't know many people at other unis and I still don't have any idea which uni I'm likely to be sent to.’
    • ‘Most British unis have teams that compete in regional and national tournaments, but the game is particularly strong in Oxford with the University women's team national champions, and the open team national runners - up.’
    • ‘Anyway, up until this year, as rugby was only played by universities and company teams, it meant that there wasn't really much of a season to talk of, all very bitty, and when the companies played the unis, they thumped pretty spectacularly.’
    • ‘So I've had an offer from 3 unis, I'm visiting one on Thursday where they're going to be an offer, then I'll probably get an offer from one of the other two, and possibly from the remaining one too.’
    • ‘I haven't experienced other unis but I am sure it is a very different kind of place and I know that I experienced a reasonable amount of depression there at times.’
    • ‘So the argument against him going to a uni still seems to be based around the idea that he's not emotionally mature yet.’
    • ‘Birmingham uni, as anyone who's ever tried to visit it will tell you, is like a little rat's maze.’
    • ‘When Derrida came to my uni a couple of years ago, he spoke on mourning and forgiveness.’
    • ‘During a pop concert held at our uni the group who had been playing for an hour were winding up.’
    • ‘I know a feller who teaches maths at a uni and at one point in his life he had to stop driving.’
    • ‘But it's not going to be that easy, as some from both sides of the Coalition are nervous now they've looked at what it would actually mean for the unis and their students.’


Late 19th century (originally Australian): abbreviation.