Meaning of uniaxially in English:



See uniaxial

‘As gels contracted they changed their appearance from semitransparent to almost completely opaque, with uniaxially structured matrix in the central zones of the gels.’
  • ‘Second, a tilted series of orientation-dependent spectra of uniaxially aligned samples is analyzed by lineshape simulation to determine the alignment of the 19 F CSA tensor with respect to the membrane.’
  • ‘To describe the anisotropy of fluorescence of uniaxially oriented samples, three coefficients of fluorescence anisotropy were introduced.’
  • ‘The resolution of this issue and others will require more detailed x-ray diffraction and spectroscopic studies using uniaxially oriented preparations and, possibly, specifically isotopically labeled materials.’
  • ‘When a tissue is strained uniaxially, the strain factor is the ratio between the average strain along a cell's axis and the average tissue strain resolved in that direction.’