Meaning of unibody in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːnɪbɒdi/

nounplural noun unibodies

  • A single moulded unit forming both the bodywork and chassis of a vehicle.

    as modifier ‘the car's unibody construction improves rigidity and reduces weight’
    • ‘A full-frame bodyshop cannot build a unibody vehicle - at least not currently.’
    • ‘Some modifications had to be made to the paint facility to account for the extra size of the new Range Rover's ‘envelope’ - it is thought to be the largest unibody construction in the motoring world - and its greater weight.’
    • ‘Do that to a unibody vehicle and it will have more cross- and corner-braces than the Eiffel Tower, and even then it probably won't feel right.’
    • ‘Crossover vehicles for the most part will share their unibody structures with passenger cars.’
    • ‘Each vehicle is framed in its section of the body shop; the body-on-frame pickup heads west and the unibody minivan heads east.’
    • ‘It also could spawn a unibody, compact SUV for the U.S. market to compete with the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4.’
    • ‘Industry insiders tell us that Honda has a unibody mid-size lifestyle pickup slated for 2005.’
    • ‘A stiffer unibody structure serves as the chassis foundation, with a double-wishbone suspension in front and multilink system in the rear.’
    • ‘While the unibody structure is unique to the vehicle it does utilize some floor pan stampings from the 3 series.’
    • ‘But under those familiar sports-coupe lines, it is a radical departure from conventional practice with its monocoque aluminum alloy unibody construction.’
    • ‘For example, my '93 Mustang Stocker has a unibody chassis to which all the suspension points are attached.’
    • ‘Notes Nagamoto, ‘The unibody approach is obviously typical of passenger cars.’’
    • ‘The boat-tailed design of the original car had to be massaged to fit over the production unibody, but designers managed to keep most of the intricate design cues.’
    • ‘She also won't confirm that the new vehicles will feature car-like unibody architecture - as opposed to the more truck-like body-on-frame construction of the current M-Class.’
    • ‘The SUV market seems to be splitting into two camps, unibody crossover car-based vehicles for the mid to small size and body-on-frame for the larger ‘trucks’.’
    • ‘It has the flexibility to build both body-on-frame trucks and SUVs and unibody cars.’
    • ‘And as you start to build up these pieces, you'll notice there's not a lot of difference between the unibody and the body-on-frame.’
    • ‘‘The most impactful thing in production is simply the concept that we are building the unibody Sienna and the body-on-frame Sequoia on the same exact line,’ says Williamsen.’
    • ‘Utilizing high-tensile steel in critical areas in the unibody increases stiffness and ensures high resistance to flexing, enhancing ride and handling qualities and lowering noise levels inside the vehicle.’