Meaning of unicorn root in English:

unicorn root


mass nounUS
  • Any of a number of plants in the lily family, especially those with roots having medicinal uses.

    the blazing star (Chamaelirium luteum).
    colic root.

    ‘Herbs used to address the specific needs of menopausal women include dong guai, false unicorn root, sage and wild yam.’
    • ‘All medical texts were in Latin, so that common people couldn't read them, hence they couldn't see how superstitiously they were behaving… the Royal College of Physicians presented Charles II on his accession with powdered unicorn root!’
    • ‘They used false unicorn root for disorders of the female reproductive organs.’
    • ‘The medicinal use of false unicorn root is based in traditional Native American herbalism.’
    • ‘True unicorn root is soothing to the gastric area, and is especially useful where the stomach is upset in pregnancy.’