Meaning of unicuspid in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjuːnɪˈkʌspɪd/


  • Having one cusp or point.

    ‘The p4 is a unicuspid tooth, with the variable presence of a second, anterior root trace.’
    • ‘These unicuspid teeth are useful for identifying some kinds of shrews.’
    • ‘The teeth are usually unicuspid, conical, and homodont.’
    • ‘The single p4 is unicuspid and very bulbous.’


  • A tooth with a single cusp, especially a canine tooth.

    ‘The 1st and 2nd upper unicuspids are large, the 3rd and 4th smaller and subequal, and the 5th minute.’
    • ‘Under low magnification, e.g., with a hand lens, the side profile of the pygmy shrew's upper jaw shows only three large unicuspids instead of five typical of the masked shrew.’
    • ‘Tooth shape ranges from widely spaced and pointy unicuspids in zooplanktivorous and insectivorous species to closely packed and flexible tricuspids in algal scrapers.’
    • ‘The upper unicuspids have a pigmented ridge that extends to the cingulum.’
    • ‘They have a continuous set of teeth between the incisors and the molars called the unicuspids.’