Meaning of unicyclist in English:



See unicycle

‘The reporter had been ‘on the road’ for a dozen years, filing stories on ‘those gentler subjects’ (rural eccentrics, unicyclists, small-town sages, long-time friends, a high-school team with a record number of consecutive losses).’
  • ‘The earliest mention of the sport he has been able to uncover dates back to 1925, when a silent German movie called ‘Variete’ shows ‘a short scene with two unicyclists performing on a stage.’’
  • ‘This inclusive, holistic event welcomes diverse pedal-pushing practitioners such as uninhibited unicyclists, temperate tandem riders, and tawdry tricyclists who wish to share the open-road experience with like-minded folks.’
  • ‘Good unicyclists, on the other hand, often have short sticks because they are fast and they prefer to ride quickly to wherever the ball is.’
  • ‘And the live entertainment is moribund - topping the bill is Pop Circus (three shows daily), where acrobats and unicyclists do their stuff to a lip-synched soundtrack from Abba and Grease.’