Meaning of unideal in English:



  • Not satisfying one's perception of what is perfect.

    ‘we have all had unideal parents’
    • ‘Since MPEG-2 is unideal for editing, many/most video editors don't support MPEG-2 input files.’
    • ‘It represents an unideal existence; a flawed, broken world of all that we hate, fear, and dread; a nightmare world.’
    • ‘It, as a romance, displays the fulfillment of desire and, as a comedy, the upward movement from the unideal to the ideal.’
    • ‘The mutual bank will never show anybody that paper money which is never convertible can ever be made steadily useful in an unideal world, either with or without a government fiat.’
    • ‘Hence Elgar's missive might be decoded to read, " Whether you are as nice as Sugar and Spice or only as unideal as I am.’’



/ʌnʌɪˈdɪəl/ /ʌnʌɪˈdiːəl/