Meaning of unidimensional in English:


Pronunciation /ˌjuːnɪdʌɪˈmɛnʃ(ə)n(ə)l/


  • Having one dimension.

    ‘a unidimensional model’
    • ‘In addition, Equation 1 assumes that the Rasch dimension is unidimensional.’
    • ‘The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare the utility of unidimensional and multidimensional models of the construct of father involvement and to provide measurement advice for researchers.’
    • ‘The fluorescence anisotropy decays were analyzed by a unidimensional model, which correlates all the lifetimes with all the rotational correlation times.’
    • ‘A unidimensional scale or a single dimension of a multidimensional scale should consist of a set of items that correlate well with each other.’
    • ‘‘Individual components may have small effects that emerge only when the components are integrated into a simple, unidimensional score,’ the researchers said.’
    • ‘The problem with it: the same old cliches of commercial cinema - the film was ridden with stereotypes, predictable incidents triggered by unidimensional screen villains.’
    • ‘During the Cold War, the West confronted a unidimensional threat from Soviet Marxism-Leninism, an adversary whose motives were certain and whose moves were expected.’
    • ‘The books makes you want to be a ‘curious character’ too, and shatters the stereotype that physicists are just unidimensional geeks.’
    • ‘Kabobs and rice are the main theme in Persian food, and although this may sound unidimensional, it's not.’
    • ‘He was seen at the time by many of his critics as a unidimensional hawk.’
    • ‘Insofar as this made the exercise unidimensional, the venture was flawed from the beginning.’
    • ‘You don't have to be a unidimensional creature forever rebelling or forever submissive.’
    • ‘This makes sure that you concentrate on every section and are not unidimensional in your approach.’
    • ‘We first tested if father involvement is a unidimensional construct by fitting a single factor model with all the items loading on one factor simultaneously.’
    • ‘Statistical dimensionality tests validated that the 8 items indeed constitute a unidimensional continuum, and this continuum is not significantly affected by gender-related response biases.’
    • ‘Definitions, perceptions, and theories of intelligence and giftedness based exclusively or extensively on intelligence tests have closed many doors for diverse students due to their narrow and unidimensional focus.’
    • ‘By ‘scalability’ we mean the extent to which items (in this case features), when ordered according to difficulty, form a continuum that is unidimensional and cumulative.’
    • ‘More importantly, the capacity to reconstruct identity and political meaning is obviated by political actors who mobilise fear in order to strengthen unidimensional classifications of political belonging.’
    • ‘Here, the mise-en-scene becomes almost televisual (albeit high-class television), with a flat, unidimensional naivete and bloodless characters.’
    • ‘Clinical psychology appears to be one of the few health professional groups (aside from the medical specialty of psychiatry) which has maintained such a pronounced unidimensional focus on mental health.’