Meaning of uniflow in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːnɪfləʊ/


  • Involving flow in one direction (used especially with reference to the flow of steam or gases through the cylinder in a steam or internal combustion engine)

    ‘a uniflow engine’
    • ‘It is important, in using this valve, to have a uniflow shock absorber.’
    • ‘The prototype of the uniflow deduster was fabricated based on the sensitivity analysis.’
    • ‘This was a very successful uniflow engine, and is believed to be the only successful on-road uniflow design.’
    • ‘Now you can pull out on the uniflow line where it goes over the tubing until the bias on the two lines hold the clunk next to the outer tank wall.’
    • ‘Most particularly this invention relates to uniflow steam engines having a novel valving means for controlling the introduction of steam into the cylinders.’