Meaning of unilateralism in English:


Pronunciation /juːnɪˈlat(ə)r(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


mass noun
  • 1The process of acting, reaching a decision, or espousing a principle unilaterally.

    ‘The Republican Party has tended strongly to espouse unilateralism in recent years, notably in military and regional policy issue areas.’
    • ‘He thinks of Europe as being a brake on the ideology of economic unilateralism which is capitalist, conservative and reactionary.’
    • ‘Europe has the chance of being a barrier against the pensée unique of economic unilateralism: capitalist, conservative, reactionary.’
    • ‘Isolationism, unilateralism, and protectionism would gain ground.’
    • ‘We are going to see, especially in the US, more and more economic unilateralism, more and more protectionism, which is mirrored by the European countries and Japan.’
    • ‘So, if we are to ensure that the United States moves neither towards unilateralism nor isolationism, all European countries must show a new willingness to develop effective crisis management capabilities.’
    • ‘He's a voice for US unilateralism, nation-building by warfare and neoconservative principles in which free markets are equivalent to democracy.’
    • ‘Now you can defend or attack the U.N. decision, but it had nothing to do with American unilateralism.’
    • ‘While I am sharply critical of American unilateralism and realpolitik masquerading as the defence of liberty, at times I find our own moralizing irritating.’
    • ‘American unilateralism has a more fundamental significance.’
    • ‘But once you're up and running, where does the morality fall in unilateralism when you're not directly threatened?’
    • ‘‘This summit should be concerned that the United Nations process has been rammed into submission by unilateralism,’ he said.’
    • ‘So like preemption, in today's supercharged political climate, unilateralism and multilateralism no longer convey any meaning.’
    • ‘Such concessions would represent setbacks for the neo-conservative unilateralism that looked so dominant only a few months ago.’
    • ‘The combination of unilateralism and laissez-faire is a recipe for disaster.’
    • ‘The political leaders speak of United Nations resolutions, of unilateralism, of multilateralism, of weapons inspectors, of coercion and noncoercion.’
    • ‘It can only resolve itself into support for a nationalist or a more consistent pan-European response to US unilateralism.’
    • ‘What we need is not arrogant unilateralism, in other words, but intelligent unilateralism.’
    • ‘Above all, they demonstrate a growing tendency towards unilateralism.’
    • ‘Military unilateralism, many are keen to point out, has worked.’
    1. 1.1The pursuit of or belief in unilateral nuclear disarmament.
      • ‘the party's commitment to unilateralism’