Meaning of unilluminated in English:



  • Not illuminated.

    ‘the unilluminated length of the tunnel’
    • ‘The tone is light, but not Shakespeare-lite: no compromise is made on the speaking of the verse; the application of modern directorial techniques maximises the potential in every word and no utterance is left unilluminated.’
    • ‘He turned his attention to a dead body, dragged halfway onto shore, the other half engulfed in the unilluminated black waters of the lake.’
    • ‘The philosopher John Stuart Mill, whose father had famously educated him on strictly utilitarian principles, knew from bitter experience how defective an education only in skills, unilluminated by compassion, can be.’
    • ‘They are on the unilluminated side of the rings (most of Voyager's observations were on the sunlit side), and are in the same region as spokes that have previously been observed.’
    • ‘In fact, out of such a solitary beam, traversing the unilluminated air, we should be able to extract every effect shown by our incipient cloud.’
    black, pitch black, pitch dark, inky, jet black, unlit, unlighted, unilluminated, ill-lit, poorly lit



/ʌnɪˈluːmɪneɪtɪd/ /ʌnɪˈljuːmɪneɪtɪd/