Meaning of unimpeded in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪmˈpiːdɪd/

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  • Not obstructed or hindered.

    ‘an unimpeded view across the headland’
    • ‘Many buildings also have first floor space that would give a clear view, unimpeded by traffic.’
    • ‘This relatively open setting allowed for unimpeded views from the villa across the demesne.’
    • ‘He had an unimpeded view of the oncoming Allied forces.’
    • ‘Once there, they'll be plied with champagne and caviar while enjoying unimpeded views of the on-stage gymnastics.’
    • ‘She had a clear, unimpeded view of a few yards of wall and grassy space.’
    • ‘By Five Mile Grade, a brutal section heightened by an unimpeded view of the entire ridge, the road starts taking its toll.’
    • ‘In order to get the best daylight and unimpeded views, Jim rose at 5am each morning during the summer.’
    • ‘When the bricks had been removed, Bailey received his reward - an unimpeded view of the hotel across the street.’
    • ‘The aim of the Cobra artists was to give free expression to the unconscious, unimpeded and undirected by the intellect.’
    • ‘The rooms now have an unimpeded view of the border fence a few metres away.’
    • ‘Its curving glass deck gives pedestrians an unimpeded view of the river below.’
    • ‘The scaffolding must provide clear and unimpeded access to all areas of the wall or surface to be plastered.’
    • ‘In London yesterday, where crowds fumbling with mobile phones tried to find unimpeded ways across the city, there was much evidence of the truth of Auden's insight.’
    • ‘Ships are built in sections in a covered berth - one of the biggest in the world - which allows a 24-hour operation unimpeded by weather.’
    • ‘Socrates gave the first cry for free speech, but only his own right freely to express truth unimpeded by the tyranny of the majority as represented by the Athenian demos.’
    • ‘Whatever, the traffic must continue to flow unimpeded.’
    • ‘Soon enough, though, fit folk from the top drawer were rolling in, unimpeded by any damned nonsense about integrating with local life.’
    • ‘We should all have an unimpeded right to express our opinions on this matter, and we should expect our district councillors to promote that right.’
    • ‘City of York Council will shortly introduce a series of traffic regulation orders to ensure the vehicle can run unimpeded along its route.’
    • ‘She sees me ride around a rather flat and unimpeded corner, then suddenly brake like a madman, roll off the bike, and lie on my back waving my arms in the air.’
    unrestricted, unconstrained, unhindered, unblocked, unhampered, free, open, clear, unchecked, uninhibited, untrammelled, unlimited
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