Meaning of unimportance in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪmˈpɔːt(ə)ns/


mass noun
  • The state or fact of lacking in importance or significance.

    ‘the relative unimportance of wider kin ties in British culture’
    • ‘Another significant issue was the relative unimportance attached to consolidated financial statements.’
    • ‘In fact, its unimportance makes your behaviour quite foolish.’
    • ‘The disillusion induced by one's awareness of his own importance or unimportance presupposes that one is aware of it - or at least is made aware of it by one's neighbors.’
    • ‘But just listing them illustrates their relative unimportance.’
    • ‘What further strengthens my opinion on the relative unimportance of population pressure is the matter of fox morality.’
    • ‘This action demonstrates, however, the relative unimportance of the homosexual aspect to this story.’
    • ‘The ESPNs of the world make it so easy to lose sight of life for the relative unimportance of sport.’
    • ‘Despite what Cuomo says about the relative unimportance of Lincoln's background, he does believe that America at its best offers opportunity to the many, a position both lived and articulated by Lincoln long before he became president.’
    • ‘Finally, several case studies illustrate the relative unimportance of demography in determining the level of democratic consolidation and identify alternative explanations for the range of outcomes.’
    • ‘If so, the task of understanding biological function is much easier: the chemical processes involved in proton exchange need be studied with only enough resolution to verify their relative unimportance.’
    • ‘Apparent inattention to globalization-driven tax problems so far may be largely attributed to their relative unimportance by comparison with other public and foreign policy challenges.’
    • ‘Similarly, psychoanalysis's emphasis on unconscious drives relegated the conscious mind to relative unimportance.’
    • ‘It's really a talk show, although it shoves its interview segments towards the end, acknowledging implicitly their relative unimportance.’
    • ‘The obvious explanation of the strike's relative unimportance is that it failed while the others, either in whole or in part, succeeded.’
    • ‘When networks become objects of study, such entities suggest the relative unimportance of the boundaries between different businesses.’
    • ‘They even serve today as a basis for the relative unimportance of the ascorbates in oral health and sickness.’
    • ‘In so doing, he is indicating the relative unimportance of the proof itself.’
    • ‘I am more than the things I do, I am the one who thinks about them and who sees their relative unimportance in the scheme of life.’
    • ‘But despite this unimportance, they still have significance.’
    • ‘He should perhaps be grateful for that, as ‘fashion’ per se signifies transience and consequently unimportance.’
    unimportance, insignificance, frivolousness, inconsequence, inconsequentiality, pettiness, slightness, paltriness, negligibility