Meaning of uninfluential in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnɪnflʊˈɛnʃ(ə)l/


  • Having little or no influence.

    ‘the country became a regular if uninfluential participant’
    • ‘I have never believed them to be uninfluential, whether peddling love, politics, sex, violence or corruption.’
    • ‘Admittedly that election was to the rather uninfluential position of rector of Glasgow University.’
    • ‘I attended a Catholic school in the most unstructured, uninfluential way one can attend school.’
    • ‘You have requested us to advise you in relation to the likely current value of the entire share capital of Benfield, the value of 33% shareholding and the value of an uninfluential minority shareholding.’
    • ‘While Graham is a popular figure in evangelical circles and neutral with the general public, Robertson is relatively uninfluential with evangelicals and unpopular with the general public.’
    • ‘When his greatest rival William Pitt formed a coalition with Newcastle in 1757, Fox was ‘bought off’ with the lucrative but uninfluential office of paymaster-general.’
    • ‘But only a handful of deputies, such as Sieyès and the prolix but still uninfluential Robespierre, believed that once the National Assembly had pronounced the monarch should have no veto at all.’
    • ‘It was the mediocre graduates with uninfluential parents who would find themselves directed to their first job in some arduous region; to make sure they arrived their diploma was dispatched to their future place of work.’
    • ‘I have a feeling that Phillip wants to be oppressed by the government - it would be less painful to him as his current state: uninfluential and wholly irrelevant.’
    • ‘The uninfluential columnists should be defined here.’
    • ‘Even comparatively powerless and uninfluential lay people must accept some responsibility for the situation.’
    • ‘This Memphis group just might become the best uninfluential rock band at SXSW to ever sound like Velvet Underground.’
    • ‘All of these books were ambitious, unorthodox, noteworthy, and yet ultimately uninfluential interventions from the margins.’
    • ‘Yet it continues to scout itself out a worthwhile and not entirely uninfluential place in Canadian politics.’
    • ‘Tocqueville does not claim that this American point de départ was uninfluential.’
    • ‘It makes no sense for Mr Blair to turn his back on Europe and become a junior, and probably increasingly uninfluential, ally of the US as it remakes the world.’
    • ‘A new recognition of the irrational… was stifled by the conventional forms into which - with uninfluential exceptions - it was cast…’
    • ‘Now, of course, there are a number of poets, by no means uninfluential, who read Chinese and Japanese and who are philosophically Buddhist or Taoist or both.’
    • ‘We would end up an impotent and uninfluential nation, just one voice among the many.’