Meaning of uninsulated in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnˈɪnsjʊleɪtɪd/

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  • Not insulated.

    ‘the roofs were uninsulated in both housing types’
    • ‘If both the ducts and the basement walls are uninsulated, consider insulating the basement walls and the ducts.’
    • ‘An uninsulated attic stairway or the opening from a whole house fan is like an open window, so buy or build removable insulation caps.’
    • ‘If you are working on an uninsulated exterior wall, we also recommend cutting rigid foam-core insulation to friction-fit in the spaces between the furring strips.’
    • ‘Since the garage has an uninsulated concrete slab floor, attention needs to be paid to how to make the floor warmer and also more resilient.’
    • ‘Drilling with a right-angle drill and an auger bit is the most common way to run the wire through interior, uninsulated walls.’
    • ‘And many found that the foam offered incomplete protection, as it failed to fill cavities evenly, resulting in uninsulated regions in walls.’
    • ‘Additionally, steam pipes need insulation on the supply side only: The return pipes should be uninsulated in order to promote condensation.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, in time the insulation will settle toward the bottom of the wall, leaving uninsulated areas at the top where you need it the most’
    • ‘The standard coloration for residential electrical wiring is black for hot, white for neutral, and green or uninsulated for ground.’
    • ‘An uninsulated foundation can result in a large heat loss from an otherwise tightly sealed, well-insulated house.’
    • ‘Although the area of the door is small, an uninsulated attic door will reduce energy savings substantially.’
    • ‘Apologists of orthodoxy wrote at length about the ease of heresy: the uninsulated wires of heaven can burn without the ecclesiastical electricians.’
    • ‘But as a middle-class kid who now lives in an uninsulated, leaking warehouse that would best be described as a decrepit if romantic squat, I know how quickly once gets used to these things.’
    • ‘Some undersuits come with uninsulated mesh areas at the wrists which, ironically, have a big blood supply near the surface, causing chilling as a side-effect.’
    • ‘I think it's just been too cold at times in the unheated, uninsulated shed, and many of the shoots from the spuds have withered, and other tubers show signs of rot.’
    • ‘A substantial amount of heat is lost through an uninsulated slab, resulting in cold, uncomfortable floors.’
    • ‘The problem is that it will only affect new houses - most of New Zealand's housing stock is old, uninsulated and draughty, and if we want to seriously improve our energy efficiency stats then something needs to be done about them.’
    • ‘The human species has not evolved such that it can tolerate sitting in that southwesterly location, behind uninsulated glass, leaning on a heat absorbing table of dark steel and not be grossly uncomfortable.’
    • ‘Combine the above factors with the tendency to install uninsulated air conditioning equipment and ducting in Florida attics, and the result is a built-in mechanism for mold growth.’
    • ‘The increase in energy demand associated with an increase in resting metabolic rates would probably have greatly reduced the selective advantage of the latter in uninsulated animals.’