Meaning of uninsurable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪnˈʃʊərəb(ə)l/

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  • Not eligible for insurance cover.

    ‘some risky activities are uninsurable at any price’
    • ‘It also argues that the captive can be used to cover risks considered uninsurable in the general insurance market.’
    • ‘Because of the level of detail provided by the map, people who previously thought their property was uninsurable could now obtain cover.’
    • ‘At this age, the cost is low, your financial responsibilities are typically low and the risk that you will become uninsurable is as low as it will ever be, assuming you're in good health.’
    • ‘And if people have to purchase in the individual market, it means pre-existing health conditions in some cases will make them uninsurable.’
    • ‘In 1984 much of central Dublin was empty and much property was unsaleable and uninsurable because of vandalism and arson.’
    • ‘Higher-risk patients, such as those taking insulin for diabetes, are often uninsurable.’
    • ‘Actions related to asbestos exposure, for example, have the potential to make such risks uninsurable in the future.’
    • ‘Is there enormous uninsurable risk involved in building apartments?’
    • ‘Will screening create a new underclass of the uninsurable and the unemployable?’
    • ‘Thus I feel caught between the Government and insurers with uninsurable losses.’
    • ‘The paper then addresses Question 2 by showing why terrorism coverage is likely to be uninsurable if investors require large returns for providing funds to cover this risk.’
    • ‘In fact, owning a home in an ‘at risk’ area doesn't usually make your home uninsurable, although your home insurance premiums are certainly likely to be higher.’
    • ‘In the event of a serious accident, the scale of absolute and unlimited liability would be uninsurable and quickly bankrupt even the largest utility company.’
    • ‘You can't claim virtually every theft on insurance or you're going to become uninsurable.’
    • ‘Failure to purchase and apply recommended control measures will result in assessing uninsurable causes of loss.’
    • ‘Therefore, the policies may be an appropriate choice only for retirees considered uninsurable, such as people with histories of cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer or AIDS.’
    • ‘Any uninsurable loss is where the province principally steps in.’
    • ‘I know if your next inventory comes up 865 kilos short you'll be uninsurable, and out of business.’
    • ‘He added: ‘There is a risk of developing an uninsurable underclass, who will not be able to get affordable cover or perhaps even get it at all, unless we can be sure that no one will feel under pressure to reveal their genetic data.’’
    • ‘Our fear is that the lack of investment of personnel and resources will result in the unit becoming unsafe and uninsurable.’