Meaning of uninsured in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪnˈʃʊəd/

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  • Not covered by insurance.

    ‘an uninsured driver’
    • ‘You may have to pay an extra element to cover uninsured drivers but why pay more for the element that insures your own driving?’
    • ‘Health-poor people - those who are uninsured or inadequately covered - have to pay the highest prices.’
    • ‘Gergiev kept the programme going with barely a break and raised money abroad to cover the uninsured $15m loss.’
    • ‘You might think a sensible move would be to buy some form of top - up cover for the uninsured slice.’
    • ‘In addition to the health problems caused by lack of insurance, the uninsured face enormous financial risks.’
    • ‘On top of that comes uninsured losses which are likely to double that figure as a total cost to the economy.’
    • ‘An uninsured hit-and-run driver today won a legal battle to stop him paying compensation to the child he paralysed.’
    • ‘They claim the cost to victims of accidents with uninsured drivers is £500 million each year.’
    • ‘Now they are keen for the powers to be extended to uninsured drivers.’
    • ‘Police say the clause makes it difficult to deal with uninsured drivers.’
    • ‘Magistrates should be empowered to confiscate and sell off cars belonging to uninsured drivers.’
    • ‘An uninsured driver who killed a close friend while speeding in his car was jailed for 18 months.’
    • ‘Patten estimates that at least 50 per cent of travellers abroad are uninsured.’
    • ‘What is not being said is that much of the problem of the uninsured can be solved at the state, not federal, level.’
    • ‘Not only is it mandatory to take out such insurance where there is a bank involved, it is seldom that such an item can be left uninsured.’
    • ‘Ralph says assets as large as buildings are sometimes inadvertently left uninsured.’
    • ‘The consequences of being uninsured are frightening for all races, the study found.’
    • ‘In this scenario, you are uninsured and now own a reduced value property.’
    • ‘He backs an increase in the minimum wage and expanded health coverage for the uninsured.’
    • ‘The lay preacher was stopped by police in Wales for driving an uninsured car.’