Meaning of unintellectual in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪntəˈlɛktʃʊ(ə)l/


  • Lacking intelligence or depth; not intellectual.

    ‘the questions are mostly unintellectual, uninspiring’
    • ‘his poetry was too lyrical and unintellectual for prevailing tastes’
    • ‘I blame myself for allowing an unintellectual friendship to entirely dominate my life.’
    • ‘The new era is unintellectual, lacking in curiosity, unadventurous - an age without ideas.’
    • ‘He was not especially intelligent, indeed he was quite unintellectual, lacking a deep understanding of law, of the classics, of theology.’
    • ‘She entered into a secret marriage with a man ten years her junior who, though decidedly unintellectual, was utterly devoted to her.’
    • ‘These highly intellectual and academic discourses on aesthetics, literature and the like, leave me feeling very unintellectual indeed.’
    • ‘The vain arrogance of the literati and Bohemian artists dismisses the activities of the businessman as unintellectual moneymaking.’
    • ‘Forgive my emotional and rather unintellectual language here - I am trying to be honest about what I think.’
    • ‘The Kailyard school, with its unintellectual sentimentalizing of rural life and its rejection of the political implications of writing in Scots, was precisely what MacDiarmid had overthrown back in the 1920s.’
    • ‘There are some unintellectual people in Hollywood, but there are some really interesting, smart, thoughtful people making movies, too.’
    • ‘Two enduring characterizations of Los Angeles - that it's unintellectual and star-struck - are only partically true.’
    trivial, insubstantial, trifling, frothy, superficial, shallow, unintellectual, undemanding, frivolous, insignificant