Meaning of uninterpretable in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪnˈtəːprɪtəb(ə)l/


  • Impossible to explain or understand in terms of meaning or significance.

    ‘the sentence is uninterpretable’
    • ‘Selecting thresholds to maximise significance renders the claimed level of significance uninterpretable, and information is lost by grouping institutions into categories.’
    • ‘For Lukacs, Dostoevsky was strictly speaking uninterpretable, an incomprehensible dead end within the modern world or a harbinger of something new that only ‘later artists will one day weave into a great unity’.’
    • ‘And so art became baffling and uninterpretable without acquaintance with arcane theory.’
    • ‘One of the results of relativism is the inability to discuss place as anything other than an uninterpretable given.’
    • ‘Another review found only one study that met their entrance criteria, and that study had so many methodological difficulties that they found it uninterpretable.’
    • ‘In our data, the fluctuations in dysrythmias and ill-defined descriptions and complications of heart disease are uninterpretable, and AIHD is not traceable after 1980 without inclusion of the latter.’
    • ‘Because our quantitative analysis requires the comparison of behavior of many individual bacteria in different host cells, these sources of variability would make the results of such an experiment uninterpretable.’
    • ‘Rather, we have several massive and quite uninterpretable tables of figures reporting such things as ‘the average annual percentage change in coronary events over the last five years’ whatever that might mean.’
    • ‘Without this special knowledge, a statement that someone ‘spilled the beans' would be uninterpretable.’
    • ‘However, in our hands this method of measuring UV-induced inflammation was not reproducible, and our standard errors were so large as to render the data uninterpretable.’
    • ‘Scores above 1 are an indication that all other results are uninterpretable or random choices, and the user is encouraged to disregard all of the findings for that subject.’
    • ‘Both the laboratory and the human studies are essentially uninterpretable because of their lack of information on the risks of adverse events occurring in both new and reused devices.’
    • ‘He sighed and then gave an uninterpretable smile, ‘And the cycle starts again.’’
    • ‘I do not wish to suggest that it is uninterpretable, but only that any interpretation must be seen as something other than the final one.’
    • ‘But curiously, for me the hardest part of the project was after the excavation: finding a way of interpreting the seemingly uninterpretable.’
    • ‘Shift models are a perfect example of why performing simulations in the absence of theory can lead to entirely uninterpretable results.’
    • ‘But varying more than one thing at a time in a scientific experiment usually makes the results uninterpretable.’
    • ‘Those uninterpretable tablets, those tablets for which no hermeneutic was necessary, were shattered.’
    • ‘You might think it looks more impressive that way, but it's just irritatingly illegible and uninterpretable.’
    • ‘Similarly with pits, ditches, banks, graves and all those amorphous uninterpretable semi-features that abound on sites.’
    abstruse, recondite, arcane, esoteric, recherché, occult