Meaning of uninterruptedly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʌnɪntəˈrʌptɪdli/


See uninterrupted

‘They have continued to be received uninterruptedly for the space of 150 years; and men, Sir, who have sat in the direction themselves, have at several times received presents.’
  • ‘The regime persists uninterruptedly not because of the citizens' conviction of its fairness neither by its moral qualities nor by the practicality of its procedures.’
  • ‘This stream continued almost uninterruptedly, although police control of the borders was permanently reinforced under the growing pressure of anti-immigrant organizations.’
  • ‘The best example of an international event that continued uninterruptedly to live in memory long after it was over is undoubtedly World War II.’
  • ‘At the end they continued to beat us uninterruptedly.’