Meaning of uninucleate in English:



  • Having a single nucleus.

    ‘One nucleus divides in the clamp and the other in the hypha just beneath the clamp, which results in the formation of a binucleate tip cell and uninucleate clamp and subterminal cells.’
    • ‘The hyphae lay down double septa and, following cell separation, produce single uninucleate yeast cells that divide by fission and disseminate throughout the body.’
    • ‘Only about 15% of viable microspores stayed at the haploid uninucleate or binucleate stages.’
    • ‘This process terminates in the production of asexual spores, the uninucleate conidia.’
    • ‘The asexual phase in the life cycle of this fungus involves the formation of multicellular structures called conidiophores that produce chains of uninucleate spores called conidia.’



/ˌjuːnɪˈnjuːklɪeɪt/ /ˌjuːnɪˈnjuːklɪət/