Meaning of uninvolving in English:


Pronunciation /ʌnɪnˈvɒlvɪŋ/


  • Failing to engage someone's interest or attention; dull.

    ‘a pointless and uninvolving storyline’
    • ‘Overall, Late Nite Catechism proves mildly amusing, but slight and uninvolving fare.’
    • ‘For whatever reason, Brooks has decided to distance his characters from the audience, and the result is a cold, uninvolving experience.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, despite a certain amount of suspense in the first act, the story becomes increasingly convoluted and curiously uninvolving.’
    • ‘Even the interspersed musical numbers and cabaret performances meant to comment on and clarify the relationships involved are dour and uninvolving.’
    • ‘Collectively, the soundtracks get the basics of the words and sounds across, but otherwise they're uninvolving.’
    • ‘The few bits of action before the climactic showdown are quick and uninvolving.’
    • ‘Michelle Ryan is flat and uninvolving as the title character.’
    • ‘It was all very polished and professional and tuneful - but ultimately uninvolving.’
    • ‘They can play a bit, those Ukrainian lads, but there's something curiously uninvolving about Champions League nights.’
    • ‘There is great work created beneath this pandemic of fine but uninvolving art.’
    • ‘On this level, I found the movie opaque and uninvolving.’
    • ‘Thus, while The Sleeping Dragon has occasional moments of greatness, it is, overall, a lackluster, uninvolving game.’
    • ‘The initial impression of these first few minutes leaves something to be desired because the sonic details appear uninvolving and overly ascetic.’
    • ‘Such predictability proves distressingly uninvolving for the viewer.’
    • ‘This is one cold, stubbornly uninvolving film.’
    • ‘Although I wondered a few months ago whether attending this exhibition might make me queasy, in fact it was a rather uninvolving affair.’
    • ‘It is up to you to decide whether sparkling stop-motion animation, catchy music, and a hearty dose of dry British humor is enough to overcome an uninvolving allegorical plot.’
    • ‘Honestly, when you combine the grainy style with a flat and uninvolving DVD transfer, you've got a movie that will look pretty terrible on your home theatre system.’
    • ‘The play is contrived, manipulative, uninvolving: It glimmers, glimmers, and fizzles out.’
    • ‘But I guess with such a threadbare and uninvolving main story - which the aforementioned December-May romance certainly is - the filmmakers need some padding.’