Meaning of union suit in English:

union suit


dated North American
  • A single undergarment covering the body and legs, worn by men and boys.

    ‘Swearing silently, he got up and closed the window wishing he had a bathrobe - or a union suit like Kat's.’
    • ‘This union suit combined a knit flannel waist and drawers in one.’
    • ‘Some plucky New Zealanders are trying to reinvigorate the union suit, but that model may - like the 78 or the villanelle - have already plunged off the cliff of obsolescence.’
    • ‘The unutterable is passing strange with its union suit and clipboard, standing in the doorway like an uninvited aspen, but we must let it in and we must buy its peculiar machine.’
    • ‘He started in and pretty soon had all the union suits and socks and plaid shirts unwrapped in front of him.’