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mass noun
  • 1The policies and practices of trade unions, particularly those concerned with protecting and furthering the rights of workers.

    ‘the opportunity to promote unionism as a positive force in our society’
    • ‘I had my second real taste of unionism in the logging camp.’
    • ‘They face difficulties in developing models of unionism which permit adequate responses to the varied dimensions of restructuring.’
    • ‘I offer a brief history of unionism, including the public outcry inspired by the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.’
    • ‘What is missing in these measures is an adequate appreciation of the changing terrain of trade unionism.’
    • ‘There are indications that some sections of trade unionism are electing to make the progressive choice.’
  • 2

    (also Unionism)
    A policy of supporting the union of Northern Ireland with Great Britain.

    ‘he shifted from Unionism to advocacy of a United Ireland in a matter of weeks’
    • ‘He was approaching the pinnacle of a brilliant career as a spokesman for the cause of Irish Unionism.’
    • ‘He brought out the essential weakness of official Unionism, its demoralised passivity, its sentimental traditionalism, its dearth of ideas, its hangdog lack of creative energy.’
    • ‘In Northern Ireland, Unionism continued to appeal to an explicitly Protestant identity, reinforced by the threat, real and imagined, of Catholic nationalism.’
    • ‘As I was growing up in Northern Ireland, I could sense the ambivalence about Unionism in a sizeable proportion of mainland Britons.’
    • ‘It's a shadowy organisation that has combined Protestant fundamentalism with extreme Unionism.’



/ˈjuːnjənɪz(ə)m/ /ˈjuːnɪənɪz(ə)m/